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1) Housekeeping:  Please keep your site and the campground clean by taking your trash to the dumpster as needed and not leaving it out overnight. The dumpster is open from 9am to dusk. Recycling bins are located through out the campground. Please do not burn trash or food in the fireplace- it attracts animals. Outside refrigerators and light strings are not permitted. Please do not feed the animals (ducks, geese, chipmunks, raccoons, etc.)

2) Quiet Hours:   Our quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am. Please no loud music, radios or motorcycles. Fireworks and Fire Lanterns are NOT permitted. Check in time is 1 pm. Check out time is 11 am.

3) Vehicles:  TWO AUTOMOBILES PER CAMPSITE ONLY. Extra parking is available for vehicles and boat trailers. No ATVS nor any motorized bicycle, mini-bike, scooter, or skateboard. Car washing and repair is not permitted. Our speed limit is 5 mph. A deposit of $25 will be taken for 2 key cards and will be refunded at the end of your stay when cards are returned.

4)  Pets:  Pets are welcome as long as they don't disturb others. Keep your pet on a 6 ft non-retractable leash and clean up after it. Dogs must be walked by adults only and must have a current rabies shot. You will be billed for any damage your pet causes. Please do not leave any food out- it attracts rodents, skunks and even bears. Dogs that disturb others with constant barking will be asked to leave. No more than one dog per site. No guest pets.

5)  Children:  We love our children and want them to be safe. Parents must supervise their children at the beach, playfield and bathrooms at all times. Shoes/sandals should be worn in the bathrooms. Children must wear life jackets while on a dock and/or in any type of boat.

6)  Wastewater:  State of New Hampshire regulations do not permit the discharge of wastewater on the ground. All sites have a sewer connection except for the Hilltop and Island sites. There is a dumping station next to the bathrooms.

7)  Swimming:  THERE IS NO LIFEGAURD ON DUTY. Use the beach and swimming area at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for accidents on the beach, in the water or at the playfield. Beach and playfield hours are from 9 am to dusk. No unsupervised children on the beach, in the swimming area or at the playfield.

8)  Boating:  Please observe safe boating practices. Boats must be registered and operated in accordance with NH State Law. Because of Milfoil, please clean your boat before arriving at Ayers Lake. No boat washing permitted at the campground. Boat launching restricted to registered campers.

9)  Campfires:  Please keep campfires under 20 inches and in the fireplace. DO NOT move fireplaces. Please do not cut trees or vegetation. Do not cover with tarps. Always extinguish fires before retiring for the night or leaving-even for a short while.

10)  Visitors: NH law requires all visitors to register, regardless of age. Please note their full name and address in the visitor log. Fees are $5 per person, per day; over 70 and under 5 incurs no fee. Overnight guests are $20 per person, regardless of age, per night. No guests permitted on powerboats. Visitors must leave by 9 pm. NO GUEST PETS OR POWER BOATS. Please, no more than 4 visitors per site at any time. All guests must park up at entrance gate.

11)  Beverages:  No canned drinks or glass bottles are allowed on the beach or in the water. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed at your campsite only- please drink responsibly!

12)  Smoking:  Please, NO smoking on the beach or restrooms. Smoking is not only unhealthy but objectionable to many campers. Please be sure all smoking materials are out and disposed of properly-not in the fireplace.

13)  Air Conditioner Use:  We understand that global warming has affected our summers and some of you have AC units. Due to the soaring cost of electricity, we ask that you only run your unit while you are present in your camper. We do not yet charge extra for electrical use, and ask that you be aware of the environmental impact and noise considerations of those around you.


Pet Policy

Guidelines for Dogs and Other Pets

1.  Owners are responsible for their pets at all times.  This includes picking up after them and any damage they may cause.  Waste must be bagged and disposed of in outside trash cans.

2.  A copy of a current vaccination record to be shown upon registration.

3.  One pet allowed per site or cottage.

4.  Leashes must be strong enough to hold and keep the pet within the perimeter of the site.

5.  All pets must be walked on a leash "6 ft non-retractable" by an adult that is strong enough to handle the pet.  Children should not walk the pet.

6.  Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.

7.  We ask that all day visitors leave pets at home.

8.  Any pet that creates a nuisance, is not kept on it's site or shows aggressive behavior of any type will be asked to leave the premises.

9.  Well behaved pets are an enjoyable member of the family and are welcome, but they are not allowed in the bathrooms or laundry room.

Enjoy your stay at Ayers Lake                                                                        The Bedfords

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